Faxing Service



Our faxing service, both sending and receiving, will be offered to the public for $1.00 per page. 

Our library fax number is 712-283-2064, and we can receive faxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you know that you have a fax coming, please call and give us a heads up, so that we will be expecting it, because we do not have a separate fax line . 

We will call anyone receiving a fax so that you may come in and pick it up at your convenience. 

You may send and receive a fax during any of the hours we are open.  Library hours are posted on the front of the building and we also have a bookmark with our hours and phone number on it. Our fax machine is located behind the front desk and one of the  library employees will send the fax for you.