Library Card

Any one 14 and up can come to the library and apply for a library card.  All you need to do is come to the front desk and ask one of the staff to help you.  The next step is filling out a card with your name, current address and current phone number.  Children's cards need to be signed by a parent.  Our staff member will then issue you a number.  We can give you a card to put your number on if you want to keep it in your wallet. 

 When you come to the library to check out materials, just tell us your name, and we will look up your number.  This saves you having to find your library card or remember your number and it is easier for us.  If you live outside of our county, or in another city in our county, please tell us.  We need this information for our open access program.

Books and audio books, may be checked out for two weeks .  Video's, DVD's and  magazines may be checked out for a week.  We also have children and adult puzzles that can be checked out.  These items can be renewed, just call the library.  We don't charge any overdue fines.  However, we appreciate any donations you may give us.  In the case of lost or stolen items, we require them, if not returned to be replaced.  We will notify you if this is the case, and you will have a period of time to resolve this.  If this is not resolved, legal steps may be taken.

You may come in or call the library to request an item at any time.  If we do not have it in our collection, we are almost always able to borrow it from another library, through interlibrary loan.  If you request a book that is in our collection, and it is checked out, we can reserve it for you.  We will call you when it is returned, and you may come and pick it up.  We hold reserves for one week.