Library Policies

Sioux Rapids Memorial Library

Media Policy --- 2018


Patrons must have a library card on file at the library with no restrictions on it.  Children may check out materials on their parent’s library card, with the parent’s permission. The parents of these children are responsible for any and all costs for overdue or lost materials. This is also the policy for any minor children having their own library card.  The parents are responsible.


DVD’s may be checked out for one week for persons having a library card with no restrictions on it.  If these are not returned on time, the patron will not be able to check out any type of material until the DVD is returned.  Any lost or damaged DVD’s  are to be replaced or paid for by the patron.


DVD’s should be put in a bag, if patron is using the Book Drop.

If we are open at the time the DVD is returned, the DVD is to be brought upstairs to the library.


Audio books may be checked out for 2 weeks and may be renewed.  The above restrictions and policies apply to the Audio Books.


Sioux Rapids Memorial

Operations Policy

Amended 01/08/18




It is the policy of the Sioux Rapids Memorial Library to be open mornings, afternoons, and evenings until 6 pm and Saturdays as required by the State Library of Iowa.

Fines and Fee’s:


We do not charge any set fees for overdue books, audio books, magazines, or DVD movies.

We do however, request that any lost, stolen, damaged, or non-returned items are paid for or replaced by the borrower in a prompt manner.  In cases that require it, legal action may be taken.


Copies and Fax:


We charge a fee of 25 cents, per page, for any copies made on our printers and copy machines.  There may be an additional charge for color copies.


Fax charges are:  Outgoing -- $1.00 for the first page.   $1.00 for all additional pages.

                               Incoming -- $1.00 for the first page.    $1.00 for all additional pages.




Sioux Rapids Memorial Library

Circulation Policy

Amended 01-08-18


Patrons must have a current card on file at the library with a current street or rural address and current phone number.  Patrons under the age of 18 must     have a responsibility agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian on file.


It is the policy of this library that the librarian shall set the loan periods of each library material that is to be loaned out of this library.


 Books, audio books and magazines are checked out for 2 weeks, with renewal available, if items are not on a waiting list.


DVD’s & Video’s are checked out for 1 week, requests for renewal are handled per request, depending on our waiting list.


Some materials are for reference only and this means that these particular items do not leave this library, and will be available to the user while in the library only.


We will deliver items to any homebound person requesting this service and to our local care center on any our business days.


All library materials that are to be loaned out are recorded with replacement costs included.  Users that do not return library materials will pay the total costs of these items, plus a processing fee if the librarian so deems.  Parents are financially responsible for their children’s library materials that are on loan to them, whether those items are lost, damaged, or not returned to this library.


All library materials marked “do not put in the book drop” must be returned to the inside of the library.


Abusers will be denied any further loans from this library if any or all of the above apply, or until restitution is made.


Sioux Rapids Memorial Library 

Confidentiality of Library Records Policy

January 2021

Sioux Rapids Memorial Library recognizes that the circulation records of this library are condfidential in nature and advises all library employees that such records shall not be made available to anyone, including any agency of State, Federal or Local government, except pursuant to Federal, State or Local law relating to civil, criminal or administrative investigatory power.

Furthermore, the library will resist the issuance or enforcement of any such process, order or subpoena until such time as a proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction.

The city attorney will be notified as to what is being requested by any agency of State, Federal or Local government before any information is given for the protection of the library patron as well as the protection of the Sioux Rapids Memorial Library.