Public Wifi

Sioux Rapids Memorial Library offers wifi access free of charge on the Library Guest network.  The wifi is available both in the library and in the parking area out front. 



Sioux Rapids Memorial Library has a number of computers and other electronic devices available for public use.  Thanks to a grant from Buena Vista County Community Foundation, we updated our electronics during fiscal year 2023.  We now have the following available for use in the library:

  • 3 desktop computers
  • 2 laptops
  • 2 tablets with keyboards
  • 4 tablets without keyboards

Patrons wishing to use any of these other than the desktops should ask at the circulation desk and a librarian will be happy to give you whichever device you choose if it is available.  Laptops should be used at a table or study carrel.


We also have 3 library kindles availble for a 2 week checkout.  There are no renewals on kindle checkouts.  Kindles may not be placed in the drop box out front; they must be returned to the circulation desk during library hours.  Patrons borrowing a library kindle should not under any circumstances link their own Amazon account to the library kindles.


Computer Use Rules

1.      Sign in at the desk before using computers-- you may use first name, initials, or library card number.  The sign in sheet shows which computers are in use.  Please do not sign up to use a computer that someone else is using. Sign out when you are finished by adding the time out so that others know the computer is available again. Computer use may be limited to 30 minutes per day during times of high demand.  If you leave the computer area, the librarian may sign you out and end your session.

2.      Do not eat or drink in the computer area.

3.      Do not download or save any programs to library computers.  Please bring and use a personal flash drive if you need to download or save.

a.       This includes programs and apps.  If there is an app you would like to add to one of the library computers, you MUST get permission from the librarian before adding it.

b.      This is for the protection of the library computers.  We don’t want to lose access to computers that have malware, trojan horses, ransomware, etc. downloaded by accident.

c.       This is also for your personal protection, so that your work or homework projects are not accessed or stolen by other users on an shared device.

4.      Please be respectful of other library guests and computer users.  This includes, but is not limited to:

a.       If you need to change a setting, change it back to what it was when you are done.

b.      Use headphones when listening to music or audio output from games and videos.  The library has several pairs of headphones available if you do not have your own.

c.       Do not join others in their cubicle without invitation or attempt to look around the corners. Respect others’ privacy.

d.      Please do not use or view any material that is not acceptable for public viewing. Others may walk behind you. This includes, but is not limited to:

                                                              i.      Items of a violent or sexual nature

                                                            ii.      Items that encourage drug use or other illegal activities

                                                          iii.      Transmission or use of any information or software that is illegal in nature. This includes pirated games, audio files, and videos.

Access, use, or transmission of illegal materials will also be reported to the police.

5.      Library computers are on a public network with a shared login.  Although the library computers are protected with antivirus and a firewall, they are easier to hack than a home PC. Assume that your data is NOT SECURE. Undertake activities such as online banking, online shopping, etc. at your own risk.

a.       To lessen the risk of identity theft, always log out of all websites you log into.

b.      Do not use the same password for many websites.

c.       Never allow a browser to save passwords on library computers.

d.      Always clear any personal data (e.g. SSN, banking information) after using library computers.

e.       Pay attention to warnings. If Malwarebytes quarantines a file, do not open it.

f.        Never set your preferences to automatically log you in on these computers.

6.      If you need help, please ask.  The library staff is happy to assist you.

7.      Librarians reserve the right to browse the computer area.

8.      When you finish using the computer, please shut all open windows or programs and log off your computer.  Please return headphones to the desk.

9.      Library computer use is a privilege (not a right) which can be revoked at any time if you break any of these rules or if the librarian deems your behavior (online or in-person) destructive.

By entering the password to use the computers, you agree to abide by these rules.