Sioux Rapids Memorial Library

Long Range Plan 2014


Goal 1:


To make everyone aware of the value of the library to the community.


    Objective A:  Cooperation with groups and agencies in the community for resource training.


    Objective B:  to place our “advertising” materials in locations where people will have access to it (such as local businesses, post office, City Hall, the bank, and school.)


    Objective C:  Have a “Gifts and Dedication” board to honor those who give so generously.  Also remember the volunteers and others who give their time to our library.  Thank you cards sent to all.


Goal 2:


To make all residents aware of the library needs.


    Objective A:  Publicize and promote the library through weekly or monthly newspaper items, the local television station and posters at many locations in town.  Ask for donations of needed items.


    Objective B:  The continued education of library director, especially toward certification and current regulations required by the State Library of Iowa.  Educate all help in the new procedures and policies,

required by the State Library of Iowa.


Goal 3:


Adding to the Collection Development for the Cultural, Informational and Recreational needs of the community.


    Objective A:  To supplement reference sources with books and with any other sources required by the public.


    Objective B:  To weed at least once a year (more often if needed) for

 space needed for collections and to meet the standard set by the State Library of Iowa .03%  of our total collection. 


    Objective C:  To purchase, or receive as donations and gifts, books enough, to fulfill the requirement of the State Library of Iowa, to add

.03%  of our total collection, to our collection each year.


Goal 4: 


To make the library use available to everyone:


    Objective A:  Days and hours of service displayed so everyone can see and take advantage of them. Sign on wall outside on front of building.


   Objective B:  To have library hours that accommodate the community while meeting the State Library of Iowa’s requirements of having morning, afternoon, evening hours until 6 pm and Saturday hours to keep our accreditation and tier status current.