Unscheduled Closings & Cancellations

The library’s open hours are subject to change due to weather, illness, continuing education classes, and unforeseen circumstances.  It is up to the director’s discretion as to when the library will be closed due to weather, but a general rule of thumb is that if Sioux Central Schools are closed for weather, the library will also be closed and library activities cancelled or postponed.  If Sioux Central posts a 2-hour delay on a Wednesday (normal hours 9-3pm), the library will open late at 11am.  If Sioux Central posts a 2-hour delay on a Friday (normal hours 9-noon), the library will be closed, off-site story times cancelled, and on-site story time pushed back to Saturday.  On Saturdays and days when there would not normally be school, patrons are advised to check if the library is open on the library’s facebook page or call us at 712-283-2064.   

At times, activities (particularly those taking place outdoors) may be cancelled or postponed for inclement weather even if the library is still open.  An example of this situation is when an outdoor water activity is scheduled in July, but there are thunderstorms and/or the temperature is in the 50s or below.  Even though the library will be open on that day, if we feel it is not in the best interest of our patrons’ health and/or safety to continue with the outdoor activity, it will be cancelled or postponed.  Checking facebook or calling the library are excellent ways to determine if there will be an alternate indoor activity scheduled or if the outdoor activity will be rescheduled.