Meeting Rooms

     The meeting room is located in the basement level of the library building.  It may be accessed through the door to the right of the main entrance and then down the steps.  The light switches for the meeting room are behind that door. Please refer to the following meeting room policy. 

     The meeting room contains a number of tables, about 65 chairs, a and access to the kitchen, including an oven and refrigerator.  There are also a limited number of dishes and cutlery which may be used provided they are cleaned and put away afterwards.


Meeting Room Policy

 The meeting room at Sioux Rapids Memorial Library is available for patron use with the following conditions:

1.      Library and government programs have primary right of use.  The cleaning deposit may be waived for library programs, including jointly sponsored activities for public benefit, including but not limited to: educational programs put on by community groups, author talks, or cultural events.

2.      Patrons must be at least 18 years of age to reserve the room.  Children’s groups must be supervised by an adult.  Multiple adults for supervision are recommended for any group of more than 15 children.

3.      If the meeting room is used during normal library hours, a librarian will unlock the space for you and relock it afterwards.  If the meeting extends beyond library hours or takes place entirely outside of them, the person who reserves the meeting room is responsible for picking up the keys during the library’s business day immediately prior to the room reservation and returning them no later than the library’s business day following the room use.  Keys placed in the dropbox outside before the library opens are considered to be returned in a timely fashion.

·         Example A: If the room is used on Tuesday night, keys should be picked up Tuesday and returned by Wednesday. 

·         Example B: If the room is used on Friday night during the school year, keys should be picked up Friday and returned by Saturday

·         Example C: If the room is used on Friday night during the summer, keys should be picked up Friday and returned by Monday. 

·         Even if the keys are held for multiple days (as in example C), no person shall use the meeting room for any time period other than that agreed upon with the librarian.  For example, if the room is used for a Friday night meeting during the summer, no one should be in the library at any time on Saturday or Sunday. 

4.      A refundable $25 cleaning deposit is due when the keys are picked up and will be held when the room keys are returned or the next library business day.  The person who reserves the room will be responsible for making sure that the room is cleaned immediately after use.  If the deposit has not been picked up within a week after the room use, it will be considered a donation to the library’s budget.

5.      If any person or group wishes to make a donation for the use of meeting room, the library will be happy to accept it.

6.      The person who reserves the room will be responsible for problems or any costs resulting from damage.

7.      Arrangements for reserving the room should be made with the librarian at least one day prior to the meeting time.  Reservations will be accepted on a first-come basis.

8.      Reserving the meeting room grants access to the meeting room itself, the kitchen, and the bathrooms.  Please let staff know at the when you make your reservation if you will be using the kitchen and/or fridge.  Storage spaces and the furnace room are off limits to anyone but staff.  The main library may be accessed during normal library hours but is off limits when the library is closed. The office is also off limits unless invited in by staff members.

9.      No smoking is allowed on library premises, even if it is a private party.

10.  Use of library space for meetings in no way implies library endorsement of ideas expressed in the meetings or of the aims and goals of the organizations using the facilities.

11.  The library director is authorized to deny permission to use the library meeting room to any group or individual that is disorderly, excessively loud, or that violates general library rules or these terms of meeting room use.